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We try really hard to make our customers happy and we love when they give us feedback. If you would like to share your beach wheelchair experience using a motorized beach wheelchair with others, just send us an email and we'll post it right here. Many thanks to those who have shared their beach wheelchair experiences.

We are sure that you have heard the expression "A picture is worth a thousand words". We believe it too, please share your beach pictures with us. With your ok we will post them in our beach photo gallery.

Kelley Van Auken

Hi Mary. I am back in TX and missing being on the beach in one of your power wheelchairs. :) As the Executive Director of a new non-profit just formed in February, I can appreciate any help in expanding. Therefore, I have included a few pictures and some quotes below should you need them for the website, press releases, brochures, etc. Please don't feel obligated to use them, just offering should you need them. "The power beach wheelchair I rented made my vacation at the beach extremely more enjoyable! I would highly recommend this product." "I was amazed at how well the wheelchair went through very deep sand and how smooth the ride was." "Rather than just looking at the ocean from my balcony, the power beach wheelchair gave me the freedom to take "walks" on the beach. What a joy!" Kelley Van Auken

Craig, Kelli, Samantha & Leesha Campbell Franklin, TN

Mary, I noticed the testimonials section on your website, and I wanted to offer one in case you add any. The Powered Beach Wheelchair was an incredible blessing for my daughter Samantha and my back when we used it at the beach last week. Normally I would carry her out to the beach, which isn’t an easy task in the sand. The chair made it so simple, and the seating system was comfortable enough for her to sit in the entire time we were at the beach each day. From the entire Campbell family…Thank you! Craig, Kelli, Samantha & Leesha Campbell Franklin, TN

Kristy Morgan

We had a wonderful beach trip, and the power beach wheelchair was one of our most favorite parts of the trip! We will be calling you guys again next time we're down there! Thank you so much! Mrs. Mary is awesome! I've attached a pic of MacKenzie in the chair. Feel free to use the pictures if you need them. Thanks again! Kristy Morgan IT'S NOT WHAT YOU GATHER, BUT WHAT YOU SCATTER THAT TELLS WHAT KIND OF LIFE YOU HAVE LIVED!

Matthew G, Jackson, Alabama

Matthew G, Jackson, Alabama "THANK YOU guys so much for making Mathews trip to the beach so wonderful!! He said the trip was absolutely the best Birthday celebration ever! He would not have been possible without your support." Terry Lynn Pezent CCARC Day Services Director P. O. Box 100 Jackson, AL 36545 Ph: 251.246.3000 Fx: 251.246.3098

Carol L., Rochester, New York

Carol L., Rochester, New York "After a thorough training session on the operation of an electric beach wheelchair, they set me loose on the beach. And I had a blast! It was great to go to the beach without having someone struggle with pushing and pulling my wheelchair through the deep, and soft, fluffy sand. My family was able to walk next to me as we stroll-rolled along the shoreline, reminiscent of the days before the wheelchair became a permanent fixture. Experiencing this level of independence on terrain that is normally quite hostile to someone in my situation was terrific. I'm back on the beach again. Thanks!"

There is nothing like a day at the beach in one of our fantastic motorized beach wheelchairs. Our powered beach wheelchairs will afford the disabled vacationer beach mobility and beach accessibility so he doesnt have to watch all of the beach fun from the condo. Cruise the beach, smell the coconut oil, hear the seagulls, and dig your feet into our sugar white sand.