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wouldnt it be nice to wake up to one of these great electric motorized beach wheel chairs


With all aluminum rims, italian motors, and a style next to none, you will be the envy no matter where you go in one of our awesome motorized beach wheel chairs

While we have been working diligently to ensure an enjoyable beach wheelchair experience for our beach visitors in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, at the same time we have been developing, FOR SALE, our unique all terrain/beach wheelchair.

This is our sixth year to build and rent our fantastic motorized beach wheelchairs. During this time, we have had many of our customers approach us and encourage us to sell these awesome chairs in addition to renting them.

We have already built and sold quite a few of our unique powered beach wheelchairs. It wasn't long before we realized that each motorized beach wheelchair needed to be as unique and individual as the customer ordering it. We soon discovered that a 325 lb person is not happy with a 19 in seat. The reverse is also true. The child who weighs 80 lbs will not be happy with a 24 in seat.

After listening to all this input we began to understand a lot more about what customers wanted in a motorized beach wheelchair. One of our customers actually created a new catagory of beach wheelchair... The Motorized AllTerain Beach Wheelchair. This beach wheelchair is featured in the pictures above and below. All terrain means it will go anywhere. This is because of the unique wheels and tires that it is equipped with. This all terrain beach wheelchair is our most heavy duty and feature rich model but tips the scales at only $6,900.

Below you will notice our chairs Feature Heavy Duty Fuse Protection, Optional Electrical Lock Out, Heavy Duty Castor Bearings/Assemblies, and High-Torque Heavy Duty 1 h/p Italian Motors, that can handle a weight capacity all the way up to 325 lbs.

Heavy Duty Fuse Protection, Optional Electrical Lock Out
Heavy Duty Castor Bearings/Assemblies
Looks fast  eh?

The pictures below depict our stylish and sporty aluminum rims and extra wide tires for stability and gliding through the most formidable surfaces. Our foot rests adjust and rotate for length, width, and height. In addition, they are totally removable.

stylish rear rims and tires
stylish front rims and tires
individually adjustable foot rests

Dont let the beach or any terrain be the only reasons to own one of these incredible motorized beach wheelchairs. Keep up with family and friends on all their excursions into the wild.

Custom made to order attatchments make life easier for you and your family
our motorized electric powered beach wheelchairs are second to none

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Our unique electric beach wheelchairs are made to last. These powered beach wheelchairs are fabricated using schedule 40 aluminum pipe, useful for its anti-corrosive properties in harsh salt-water misty conditions. Each weld is made with care using high tensile tig filler rods. Each motorized beach wheelchair comes with a padded, comfortable seat that partially reclines to a comfortable sunbathing position, individually adjustable foot rests, and an umbrella mount for optional shade.

We are not the inventors of the beach wheelchair. There are several manufacturers on the west coast who build and sell similar beach wheelchairs. However we do take credit for quite a few major innovations. We completely redesigned the motorized beach wheelchair frame and made it stronger and corrosion resistant, we added adjustable foot rests that have no rival for adjustment or comfort. The major difference is the materials we use in manufacturing, corrosion is a major factor in our decision to use aluminum for our high strength beach wheelchair frame. We do all of this because we want you to know that a motorized beach wheelchair from Beach Power Rentals is a beach wheelchair that will last.