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jerry nasello, the man who's dream is your happiness

About Jerry

After retiring to the beach in March of 2004, Jerry started having problems with fatigue. In June of 2005, he was diagnosed with ALS, or, Lou Gehrig's Disease. As his health declined, his ability to get to the beach became increasingly difficult.

While he was still able to walk he modified a fisherman's cart by adding Wheeleez tires and PVC so that it was converted into an easy to push or pull beach cart. Soon thereafter, he added wheelchair motors and controls so that he could carry a large load with minimum effort.

Custom-Made Beach Wheelchairs - motorized beach cart

Note the foldable umbrella wings, which eliminate the need to bury the umbrella pole in the sand, and they fold back when not in use.

Beach Wheelchair Rentals - motorized beach cart with umbrella

As the legs began to weaken, Jerry started working on a beach wheelchair. Using PVC pipe and the knowledge he gained from building the electric beach cart, he was able to build a beach wheelchair prototype powered and controlled with electric wheelchair components.

 Beach Wheelchairs - prototype electric beach wheel chair

Once the design was complete, he hired someone to build a metal frame. This new frame eliminated inherent PVC weakness, lowered the center of gravity and made the beach wheelchair more stable.

Before completing our full year and the beach wheelchar rental business, our chairs began rusting. We knew then that our beach wheelchairs had to be built with aluminum.

After a great deal of trial, error, and testing we came up with what you see below.

The beach wheelchair on the top was custom built for one of our customers who uses it as a camping chair or an all-terrain chair.

Go anywhere in a wonderful powered beach wheelchair

The beach wheelchair pictured next to the multicolored beach umbrella below is an all-terrain beach wheelchair. It is just as happy off-road as it is on the beach. This is due to the nature of the tires with which it is equipped. We almost exhausted every available tire type while researching and testing this chair.

Wheeleez Wheels Rental - With all aluminum rims, italian motors, and a style next to none, you will be the envy no matter where you go in one of our awesome motorized beach wheel chairs

These incredible motorized beach wheelchairs evolved over a five year period while we were renting and maintaining our beach wheelchair rental fleet. We have gained so much knowledge and insight during this process. As a result, we consider our motorized beach wheelchairs to be the finest available and we think that you will too after you experience a day in the mercedes benz of motorized beach wheelchairs.

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